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LullaBabby 1.1.0



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It's the first ever app! "Apps crying baby sound and darkness" with automatic generation of proprietary music
It is a magical app that works so interesting to get cranky and cry at night!

Parenting for the first time. Confusion, joy, trouble, happiness, tears, smile .... We met a lot of important things in day-to-day to spend with baby. I'm sure all the good memories huh? Looking back at a later time.
However, in the hectic day-to-day parenting is inherent in trouble. One of the major concerns of the baby crying at night and get cranky.
The trouble is I want to reduce the burden of childcare to resolve these quickly and easily if you can help it!
The real intention is that honest mom. Based on the voice of the mom such, derive the "law of the sound the baby stop crying," We, and was born with a (2005-284220 Open Patent & patent pending) means processing performance information proprietary "LullaBabby" crying baby and only sound app.
To eliminate the stress of Mom & Dad work hard every day to work in childcare, "LullaBabby" to "childcare fun" can help.

Have different comfort rhythm, melody, frequency, tuning, for delicate baby.
Based on the "law of the sound that the baby stop crying" "LullaBabby" is, of course, tone and tempo will automatically generate the songs one after the other according to the preference of the baby thoroughly until the waveform from frequency temperament scales and, of sound you.
In this app, there is surely a favorite melody baby.

[3 Magics to stop crying]
1. Stop Cry Melody: "nowhere in sight, but friendly" because it stimulates curiosity melody and tempo will appear one after another, I would forget cry listened.
Around the "C = 528Hz" Sorufejio frequency of which is to have been used in the ancient Gregorian chant, I played the melody of intonation that feels comfortable and natural. (*1)
*1: Although it has been made free full song in just intonation is nearly impossible, we have been implemented in a unique approach.
(Using the information processing means playing 2005-284220) JP-(patent pending)

2. Calm Rhythm: mainly metal sound that was recorded at the original technology, I have carefully selected high-frequency sound rich in soothing your baby prefers. While I was listening to the gentle rhythm close to the heart rate was calm, I regained composure even babies get cranky.

3. Sleepy Ambient: Living in the heart of the sound closer to the "white noise" rich in all frequencies, rich in high-frequency sound pleasant environment, which contains proprietary technology invites you to sleep, baby-friendly.

[How to use]
- Basic -
Easy to use! Chose a favorite sound, just let your baby "problematic" in the scene.
[scene in trouble]
1. "I was at a loss," for what to get cranky baby by train or bus
2. "I was at a loss," for what to get cranky with anxiety appearance of mom is not visible.
3. "I was at a loss," for what to get cranky without falling asleep easily at night.
4. "I was at a loss," for what to get cranky in the morning when I woke up.

1. At a rate such that the chase baby eyes, let's move up, down, left, or right terminal Playback.
2. Place your hand on the speaker terminal, and I will try to open and close. It is effective for sound effects such as dryers and vacuum cleaners in particular.

[Request from developer]
1. Depending on the degree and the nature and growth of the baby, there are individual differences in the effect. Variously try, please'll find the sound you want.
2. By using this app, until it can satisfy the hunger of the baby, to clean a dirty diaper, I can not. There are various reasons for the baby cry, baby still can not use the word.
Since there may be other things you want to tell, please be careful to tone the body.
3. If you find a section that you like in the melody that is automatically generated, you'll put the lyrics sung by all means.
The baby is most comforting is the voice of none other than mom.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Systems: iOS

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